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Radiate Beauty

From the inside out

Waistraineruk provides the most affordable and best quality waist trainers, girdles, body shapers, bum lifters, handmade from Colombia. We know that every woman has a different shape and size, that's why we offer a variety of body shapers, helping you to achieve the body that you always dreamed of!  
Our shapewear will shrink your waist 3-4 inches across your waist, can be worn on a daily basis and it's ideal for post-partum, after undergoing surgery, bodybuilding and a seductive look.
One of our goals is to help you naturally transform your body, and encourage you to pursue a healthier lifestyle.
The Perfect Body

Absolute Body Shapers
Our Collection of Trainer



Fat burning gel for the workout or all day use.
Directions for use: Apply gel to the waist area generously along with latex body cincher. For added results, apply osmotic wrap over the gel followed by the latex cincher.
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